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"It was all a lie. Every single word."

Fannibal wondered how Kevin would take the news.

"Hmm let’s not spoil the surprise, deer boy."

"Am I supposed to start begging for your forgiveness?"

He calmly awaited an answer.

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Anonymous said: imagine chilton being that guy who spends hours talking on the phone and refusing to be the one to hang up because he loves listening to his own voice


If people didn’t appreciate the sound of my voice and the content of my speech, I’m sure I’d have more dropped calls. We can all agree here, my voice is far from unpleasant.

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((Underwater Kiss. Sounds like an anime.))

The dreamscape was vast and dark, water trickling from an endless cavern of a ceiling. There seemed to be no light, yet one could still see due to the intuition a mind follows during the cycles of sleep.

Fanni felt his teeth chatter, and a million eyes watching him from every angle. He kept walking, watching a stream of water fall in a puddle ahead of him, sucking itself into a spiral void.

He didn’t bother speaking. He was trapped in a state of keenness, and was waiting for the slightest signal that the chase had begun.

There did seem to be a place to hide, despite the cavernous rocks all around him.

Feeling a moment behind him, to the left, the faintest vibration of air, he began sprinting forward.

Something was running after him, he felt its breath on his neck. Water splattered his ankles, seeming to get deeper and deeper. He struggled against it, fighting as hard as he could against the waves to go deeper, to go further, to go faster.

His life depended on it, after all.

Feeling a pain in his back, he took another long stride, feeling his feet plant on ground beneath the water.

The was a first. He took his chances, shoving himself up onto land again and using his new freedom of movement to shove himself harder, feeling the creature’s presence dissipate.

But that didn’t stop him from continuing to sprint, sliding between a narrow strip of walls. 

Inside was enclosed, a small cave with a pool in the middle. It must have been only a few feet deep.

Fannibal didn’t like being locked in, turning before realizing he wouldn’t be able to exit. He’d have to find another way out.

The pool beckoned to him, and he found himself sitting on the edge of it, legs slipping into the cool ink. Or was it clear?

Was it possible for something to be jet black but see through at the same time? He didn’t ask himself this though. No one doubts the realness of a dream when they’re in it.

He felt himself slide in, being swallowed.

A few feet must have been more than he thought it was.

The fandom looked around himself, clear water seeming to stretch on forever. Above was a hole, a ripple of a void that was the surface.

He looked around, and for the first time in a long time, he felt relief.

A soothing sprite seemed to wrap itself around him, a pastel whisper of something that was there and yet didn’t entirely exist at all.

He felt it’s presence nudge his forehead, and found his lips guiding themselves to it, and the incorporeal figure seemed to gain clarity. It did not appear in a flash of light, but a gradual realization.

Enough was the realization that he discovered its face and hir lips against his and was startled back to reality.

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"To be honest, being around you arouses me."

Fannibal glanced at Eiji out of the corner of his eye, settled comfortably into the sofa as the movie played.

"That’s…" Eiji’s voice drifted as he looked at the dog, he looked from the dog to Fanni with his blush darkening slightly.

"Interesting… I have never noticed…" Eiji’s calm voice floated in the room like a Jellyfish- his voice could send venom into the other if it needed to. He shifted in his place- a little uncomfortable.

"And how do you feel now that you know?"

His attention turned to the other, watching every slightest movement.

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"It was all a lie. Every single word."

Fannibal wondered how Kevin would take the news.

"I would love too, but I drink weak wine." *chuckles* "you dodge my question you like dogs? Yes or no.

"I could dilute it."

He took another sip and set his glass down.

"If I answer your question, will I have to start running?"

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"I’m afraid of the dark."

His hand glided over his sweat-drenched forehead, pulling his dark curls into place, just for a moment, before they spilled back into place.

It was late. Way too late late at night and he knew he shouldn’t be bothering the other with this. He glanced at the blond, a grimace stretched across his lips.

Hobbit nodded as he went to the kitchen to find some Mirkwood wine, usually the one he drank to calm him down. He put it in a mug and went to give it to Fanni. “Here…this wine might help a bit. It is a bit strong but will make whatever you are feeling go away.”

He took a long swig, hissing afterward and shoving a hand over his mouth to keep it down. That had been an awful idea.

He gave a numb nod to Hobbit as a thanks, and set the mug down.

"I appreciate it."

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ask-superstuck-fandomstuck said: KS; confess



"It was all a lie. Every single word."

Fannibal wondered how Kevin would take the news.

"Your stupid fucking reasons!! hiss.."*sigh* "you like dogs,right?" *grins*

*Takes a long, long sip of wine. He has a feeling he’s going to need it.*

"Would you like a glass of wine? You look like you could use a glass."


KS: I’m sorry for bothering you this late.

HF: It’s not a problem. I’m usually up, anyhow.

He grabbed two mugs from the cabinet. He could use some tea, too.